Our distribution model is defined by limiting the number of brands we work with but having in-depth knowledge about each of them to provide the best value and best service to our customers.

Because of our deep market knowledge, we can provide a consistent supply of varied products at excellent value.

  • Reliable Service
  • Online Ordering
  • Dependable Delivery
  • Personal Attention
  • High Standard of Protein Items
  • Unbeatable Prices


Along with product, we deliver peace of mind. Food Safety is our top priority. We are committed to ensure that our NC and SC customers receive the highest quality products. Examples of our food safety include the following company practices:

  • Implemented Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Carefully selected suppliers
  • Continuous temperature monitoring from loading docks throughout cold storage and inside our trucks.
  • HACCP Programs
  • Employee Food Safety training

Contact us today for more information on our food safety procedures.

Brands We Distribute:

We work with only the best in the industry. Our Brands represent the highest standard of quality.